Thursday, September 2, 2021

APOS Insight – Performance Analysis – SAP BusinessObjects

In an upcoming webinar, on September 16, we will be discussing aspects of APOS Insight, specifically ways you can use APOS Insight to monitor, analyze and optimize SAP BusinessObjects performance. The webinar will look at:

  • Report and Query Performance
  • Report Schedule Monitoring
  • BI Environment Performance, including Server Infrastructure
  • BI System Performance including all SAP BusinessObjects Service KPIs
  • BI System Monitoring and System Health notifications

APOS Insightis a comprehensive solution that gives you the knowledge you need for effective and efficient SAP BI system management, including detailed system metadata for thorough system auditing, system monitoring, query surveillance, and BI report testing. It provides the means to maintain the integrity, efficiency and security of your SAP BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure. Register for the webinar to find out more.

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What APOS Insight Can Do for You

APOS Insight’s monitoring, auditing, query surveillance, and BI report testing capabilities are essential for activities such as:

Customer Success

Let’s look at the success APOS customers have had with APOS Insight:

  • APOS Customer Success – Energy Northwest
    With 700 reports, 900 schedules, and 800 system objects to manage, Energy Northwest’s system administrators were looking for a way to create and manage report schedules and respond to instance failures more efficiently. They also needed to manage large-scale updates to reports to align with ERP upgrades.
  • APOS Customer Success – Santa Clara County SSA
    In preparation for an impending migration, the SSA needed an inventory and deep knowledge of their SAP BI system, how their reports were being used, and how those reports would be impacted. While taking steps to streamline their content migration, the SSA also had concerns about maintaining their documents of record and audit readiness.
  • APOS Customer Success – ProMedica & APOS Insight
    ProMedica uses SAP BusinessObjects as the BI and reporting engine for its Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. Keeping up with Epic upgrades to its software and the associated SAP BusinessObjects Universes is extremely important to provide the best possible service to ProMedica’s patients, and to ensure continued regulatory compliance. However, the manual upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects required to ensure the continuing integrity of the Epic system are labor- and time-intensive. ProMedica needed a way to automate this process.
  • APOS Customer Success – Boston Properties
    One of the internal audit requirements Boston Properties needed to address is to show evidence of all changes to an inventory of key reports. Addressed manually, this requirement would require a labor-intensive audit and re-baselining of these key reports on an annual and sometimes quarterly basis. Boston Properties has a medium-sized IT team, and the challenge of establishing and maintaining this control manually threatened to stretch their limited resources. They needed to implement more efficient report change management processes, and this need triggered a search for a solution.


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