Thursday, October 15, 2020

APOS Customer Success - Equian

Equian, part of Optum, is a Healthcare subrogation and payment integrity service that healthcare providers rely on to improve accuracy and transparency in the billing and payment lifecycle.

Equian’s Challenges

Equian distributes more than 30,000 reports in multiple formats to provide their customers with the information they need to make monthly operational decisions and money transactions at various levels. The volume of content made timely delivery difficult.

APOS Customer Success - Equian

Solution – APOS Publisher – Bursting Manager & Distribution Server

  • Personalized Secure Bursting
    APOS Bursting Manager allows Equian to access data once and slice it for personalized, secure distribution to a large volume of recipients, and to a wide variety of destinations.
  • Efficiency and Lower Costs
    Equian uses bursting to improve the efficiency of report distribution, allowing them to meet their service level agreements, while saving time and lowering costs.
  • Transparent Distribution
    Email notifications for distribution success and failure allow Equian to take fast corrective actions when needed. Bursting reports to specific folders helps maintain historical reports.


“APOS Publisher’s Bursting Manager and Distribution Server helps us to distribute up-to-date reports to a vast group of people in a timely manner. I can confidently recommend these products to any company that needs to publish large volumes of data. The APOS technical support team was able to get us up and running quickly to meet our SLA commitments.”
Narmathadevi Sundaramoorthy
Systems Management Analyst, Equian

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