Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Solution Spotlight - APOS Live Data Gateway

Unlock live data with the APOS Live Data Gateway.

I've posted a solution spotlight on the APOS Live Data Gateway before, but there has been so much innovation over the Summer that I feel another is necessary.

The APOS Live Data Gateway simplifies many of the data connectivity decisions organizations face as they embrace Cloud and Hybrid Analytics scenarios. This Summer has seen many new innovations with the APOS Live Data Gateway, including support for:
  • CORS
  • Google BigQuery
  • Denodo

The APOS Live Data Gateway is a data connection and data transformation solution that enables live data connectivity for SAP BI solutions and expanded data source options.

Using the APOS Live Data Gateway for extended, live data connectivity lets you:
  • Simplify user experience and data discovery
  • Select data with greater flexibility
  • Maintain current data in your SAP BI projects, without including the data in your project files, for stronger information governance and security

The live data connectivity enabled by the APOS Live Data Gateway makes it ideal for both purely cloud-based and hybrid deployments of SAP Analytics Cloud.

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support

CORS, a mechanism to allow a web application running on one origin, or domain, to access selected resources on a different origin, is now supported by the APOS Live Data Gateway. The upshot of this innovation for APOS Live Data Gateway customers is that the Gateway is now even easier to implement and configure.

Google BigQuery

Google's cloud-based enterprise data warehouse is now available as a data source to SAP Analytics Cloud deployments via the APOS Live Data Gateway.


The APOS Live Data Gateway now supports Denodo data virtualization technology.

Denodo's technology can be a powerful way to integrate and blend data from multiple enterprise data sources. For organizations that wish to have data from multiple sources unified and prepared so that it can be presented in a single analytic within an SAP Analytics Cloud story, Denodo provides this data blending capability, and APOS Live Data Gateway can deliver that data via live connection stream into your SAP Analytics Cloud stories.

Find out how the APOS Live Data Gateway unlocks live data for:

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