Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Auditing Your SAP BI System for GDPR Compliance

Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the inspection, protection and retention of the personal data of EU data subjects are the responsibilities of the organizations that control and process that data. In practical terms, a large part of that responsibility falls on the BI team, because the BI system touches on, and processes data from, a large proportion of the enterprise's data sources.

The rights of the data subject are paramount under the GDPR, and it is imperative that you have the processes and capabilities in place to respect those rights and fulfill your obligations to data subjects in a timely manner.

The APOS Insight solution provides the capabilities you need to streamline your GDPR compliance processes, giving you the speed and precision necessary to inspect and analyze the data under your care. Having the processes in place, and the capabilities to deliver results in a timely manner, go a long way toward meeting your obligations to data subjects.

Security Analysis

Use APOS Insight to analyze your BI system for security anomalies and holes, and to enforce corporate governance. Find out:
  • Who has administrative access to personal data?
  • Where are the data breach risks in your system?
  • What are the impacts of security setting changes?

Security analysis is key to avoiding data breaches, and reducing the risk of personal data exposure and misuse.

Usage Analysis

Use APOS Insight to analyze how your BI system is being used. Find out:
  • Which reports contain personal data?
  • Who is scheduling, refreshing and/or viewing reports that contain personal data?
  • To whom and how are reports containing persona data distributed?

You need to determine the scope of personal data exposure, firstly in order to minimize it, and secondly to be able to report to data subjects exercising their right under the GDPR to inspect your usage of their personal data.

Impact Analysis

Use APOS Insight to analyze the impact of changes to your BI system:
  • How do changes made to databases and universes impact reports that contain personal data?
  • How can we avoid unintended consequences for our information governance?

Impact analysis is the key to avoiding unintended consequences in your management of the BI system.

APOS Systems hosted a webinar recently hosted a webinar on SAP BI GDPR compliance.

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