Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The SAP Partner Ecosystem

APOS has been an active member of the SAP partner ecosystem for a couple of decades now, and we have helped many organizations achieve their strategic and tactical BI and analytics objectives over that time.

The SAP partner ecosystem continues to play a vital role in the digital transformation of many SAP customer organizations. We can see how it works in our customer interactions:

  • An organization investigates analytics solutions and looks favorably on SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Due diligence shows that the solution cannot, in its current form, fulfill the organization’s workflow requirements. Some of these requirements may be show stoppers.
  • SAP directs the organization to partner vendors within the SAP partner ecosystem.
  • Partner vendors provide proof of concept.
  • The organization makes its solution selection based on the combined capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud and the partner vendor’s solution or solutions.

The truth is that many such business process workflows weren’t delivered natively on the outgoing technology platform either. Over time, organizations developed workarounds to deliver the functionality they needed to improve their business processes. With SAP solutions, it is the role of the SAP partner ecosystem to cater to the very specific and individual needs of organizations, and this has not changed with digital transformation. If anything, the role of the SAP partner ecosystem has grown as new technology arrives and transformation accelerates.

Here are some APOS customer success stories that illustrate the SAP partner ecosystem in action:

SAP BusinessObjects:

SAP Analytics Cloud:

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