Tuesday, February 4, 2020

ASUG On-Demand Webinar – Smart Data Analytics: The Integration of SAP and Google Cloud with BigQuery

Title: Smart Data Analytics: The Integration of SAP and Google Cloud with BigQuery
Duration: 42 minutes

This ASUG webinar, originally webcast in December, 2019, features Jirka Vondra, Partner Technology Manager, Google Cloud, and was sponsored by Google Cloud.

According to Jirka, the growth of data continues at a tremendous rate. It is projected that the global datasphere will grow to 175 Zettabytes by 2025 (from just 33 Zettabytes in 2018), and that 30% of that data will be real-time.

The challenge:

How to create a data architecture that can manage both the volume and speed at which data will arrive from external sources, and how to integrate that data with other data sources across the enterprise form outside the organisation?

The answer, according to Jirka, lies in the ability to “unlock more insights with machine learning  and petabyte-scale data analytics.” Specifically, he proposes that you:
  • Integrate with Google Big Query
  • Extend with Google ML
  • Unlock your enterprise data

As a means of unlocking your enterprise data, Jirka proposes the APOS Live Data Gateway to connect Google BigQuery to SAP Analytics Cloud.

The APOS Live Data Gateway provides expanded, simplified, unified data connectivity across the SAP solution landscape, allowing you to connect to a wide range of data sources – Relational, OLAP and Cloud-based – and serve that data to SAP solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP HANA for live consumption or import.

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