Friday, November 25, 2022

288 Billion Rows - 10.5 TB - in a Snowflake Table!

APOS Systems recently became a Select tier Snowflake partner. What does that mean for the Snowflake community? It means expanded and simplified live data connectivity to Analytics platforms, particularly within, but not limited to, the SAP solution landscape.

Snowflake Principal Data Platform Architect Field CTO David Richert’s LinkedIn post highlights a video from APOS showing APOS Live Data Gateway enabling SAP Analytics Cloud to query a 288 billion row table in Snowflake Data Cloud and receive results in under 2 seconds. David calls it “insane performance,” and notes the automation that allows APOS Live Data Gateway to rewrite the SQL query on the fly.

Snowflake's David Richert on LinkedIn - APOS Live Data Gateway



APOS Live Data Gateway consists of Data Virtualization, Data Transformation, and Data Consumption layers that combine to create a unified Semantic Layer between Data platforms and Analytics solutions.


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