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Customer Success – APOS Publisher for Cloud – Precision Instruments

Data-Driven Personalized Broadcasting for SAP Analytics Cloud

Customer Profile

A global provider of precision instruments and services for many applications in research and development, quality control, productions, logistics and retail.

Landscape & Core Challenge

This customer implemented SAP Analytics Cloud as their visualization and reporting solution for a BW backend, but had challenges meeting their complex report distribution requirements. They needed to resolve these challenges before they could retire SAP BusinessObjects and a large inventory of Web Intelligence reports. They needed precise control over their report distribution. In particular, the Sales and Marketing departments needed to replace 10,000+ report broadcasts served with SAP BusinessObjects Publications capabilities.

Customer Success - P4C - Precision Instruments


This customer needed to schedule regular emails to external recipients, and to ensure individuals receive only the information to which they are entitled. More specifically, they needed:

  • Personalized Bursting
  • Report Consolidation
  • Bursting with Multiple Filters
  • Automated Report Delivery
  • Customized HTML Email Bursting
  • Conditional Bursting


SAP Analytics Cloud restrictions:

  • Bookmark broadcasting would be time- and labor-intensive
  • Limits on widgets per schedule affect report consolidation options
  • Limits on non-SAC recipients create difficulties reaching all stakeholders
  • Scheduling windows limits would prevent timely broadcasting

Problem & Pain

SAC Publications restrictions made it unsuitable to replace the critical broadcasting capabilities in SAP BusinessObjects. Without these capabilities, they could not retire SAP BusinessObjects and expand use of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Outcomes & Customer Success

APOS Publisher for Cloud’s dynamic flexibility provided:

  • Data-Driven Personalized Bursting
  • Flexible broadcasting using filters
  • Conditional broadcasting using thresholds
  • Broadcasting of consolidated reports

Customer Feedback

“We have now successfully moved all of our many Publications from SAP Business Objects, to APOS Publisher for Cloud with SAC, and will now be able to  decommission our SAP Business Objects platform.”
Global Operations Lead – Reporting & Analytics



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