Monday, September 30, 2019

Preparing to Upgrade - Implementing a Strong SAP BI Content Storage Strategy

When you are thinking about upgrading your SAP BI system or migrating to a new version of SAP BusinessObjects, it’s important not to lose sight of where the value lies in that system: the value is in your BI system content.

Implementing a robust system content storage strategy is a critical step in preparing to upgrade your system, or to migrate your content between systems. Such a strategy ensures that your report objects, report instances, universes, connections, users, groups, security and schedules are safely stored in a smart repository that allows fast and simple system content promotion.

When you are planning ugrades and migrations, you need to prioritize your system content. You can greatly simplify your upgrade process and save valuable time by implementing the APOS Storage Center solution. Storage Center's extract and export features maintain document of record integrity for the migration process.

APOS Storage Center is a dedicated SAP BusinessObjects document lifecycle management solution. It simplifies the process of backing up objects, including instances, from a source system and restoring them to a target system. Use APOS Storage Center to implement a proactive system storage strategy and you will greatly simplify the entire migration process, because you will only have to migrate necessary system content. You can archive content not seen as essential. Should some of that archived content be needed, Storage Center gives you the ability to restore it selectively, to its original location or to any other location you specify.

With APOS Storage Center, you will be able to:
  • Automate system backup & content archive
  • Restore selectively
  • Promote strategically
  • Apply versioning
  • Manage document lifecycles

Using APOS Storage Center, you can deliver balance in the way your organization handles system performance, user navigation, audit requirements, storage resources and technical debt. Find out more:

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