Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Managing SAP BI Security – Safeguarding Content

The integrity of your BI content is paramount, not just for purposes of analysis, but also for purposes of governance and compliance. To secure your content and protect its integrity, you need to implement a robust system content storage strategy.

APOS Storage Center is your electronic vault for SAP BusinessObjects report objects and document instances. Its backup, archive and selective restore capabilities make it invaluable to organizations concerned with the integrity of their document instances. The proactive use of Storage Center is a preventive BI best practice for the prevention of problems and the timely resolution of issues.

Use APOS Storage Center to:
  • Back up objects with versioning
  • Preserve documents for long-term availability & information governance
  • Automate system content cleanup with business-rules driven, intelligent system purge
  • Promotion, system replication & simplified management workflows
  • Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for disasters of all sizes

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