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APOS Publisher for Cloud Use Case
Multinational Manufacturer & Distributor

Enhancing SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting Capabilities Using APOS Publisher for Cloud

How do you integrate SAP Analytics Cloud to your existing BI processes?

How can you replicate critical report broadcasting functionality from your legacy BI system?

Here is how one APOS customer used APOS Publisher for Cloud to enhance SAP Analytics Cloud’s report broadcasting capabilities and meet their specific needs.


The highly security-conscious information technology division of a large multinational manufacturer and distributor based in Europe wanted to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud to replace their legacy BI solution. They needed to enhance SAC’s Publications capabilities to deliver vendor scorecards to their external stakeholders in a precise format with timely and secure delivery. Reports needed to be filtered on multiple dimensions to ensure partners received information specific to their supplied goods and service level agreements. The broadcasting solution needed to ensure vendors receive only the information to which they are entitled. Without these report broadcasting capabilities, SAP Analytics Cloud would not meet their requirements.

Customer Success – Multinational Manufacturer and Distributor


The digital transformation of their Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud was dependent on finding the means to communicate their Analytics insights to their stakeholders. They needed:

  • Filtering
    Very specific filtering requirements to ensure the right people receive the right report information, and only the data to which they are entitled.
  • Formatting
    The report broadcasting solution needed to replicate the SAC formatting precisely and leverage their investment in report design to ensure the effectiveness and professional appearance of their reports in SAC.
  • Scheduling
    Their actionable reports are critical to enforce vendor service level agreements and support healthy vendor relationships, and needed to be delivered according to a specific schedule.

Solution – APOS Publisher for Cloud

The customer selected APOS Publisher for Cloud because it met all of their current requirements and anticipated potential future requirements for SAP Analytics Cloud report broadcasting. Without this solution, they would not have been able to move beyond their legacy BI system and embrace SAP Analytics Cloud fully.


“This customer appreciated the enhanced broadcasting capabilities offered by APOS Publisher for Cloud. The solution allowed them to implement SAC fully while retaining the critical broadcasting capabilities that were available to them on their legacy BI platform.”
Cathy Ramsli, Account Manager, APOS Systems

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