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APOS Publisher for Cloud Use Case – Timely Report Distribution to SAC & Non-SAC Recipients

Using APOS Publisher for Cloud for Timely,
Personalized Internal & External Report Distribution

Timely Report Distribution to SAC & Non-SAC Recipients

A major European company involved in automotive import, distribution, leasing and fleet management services needed timely distribution of SAP Analytics Cloud report content to key business stakeholders. Their information requirements included monthly distribution of reports to internal business users and externally to their partner network. The content of these reports must be filtered to ensure recipients receive only the data to which they are entitled, and that conditional business rules can govern aspects of how the distribution process is executed. Additionally, this organization needed strong visibility into the distribution process in order to monitor its success and to ensure delivery.

APOS Publisher for Cloud Use Case

Requirements: Timely Report Distribution to Internal and External Recipients

The group needed a solution that would provide:

  • Timely Scheduling of SAC Reports
    Automation needed to send SAP Analytics Cloud reports to internal and external recipients, both SAC & non-SAC users, to ensure that they had current information.
  • Personalized, User-Specific SAC Reports
    Emails and attached PDFs sent to internal and external recipients needed to be personalized with appropriate details for each recipient.
  • Conditional Bursting Based on Flagged Data Records
    Emails to external recipients should only be sent if new information relevant to those recipients is available.

Solution: Data-Driven Bursting with APOS Publisher for Cloud

Consultation between this customer and their SAP Account Executive about requirements led to the SAP representative reaching out to APOS. A detailed review of APOS Publisher for Cloud followed, including demonstration, analysis, and a thorough solution evaluation. This review resulted in the customer decision to proceed with APOS Publisher for Cloud, as they found that the solution met or exceeded expectations concerning:

  • Targeted Distribution
    The solution allows them to maintain a regular, data-driven flow of information to internal and external recipients.
  • Automated, Data-Driven Scheduling
    The solution is data-driven, ensuring consistent, repeatable delivery based on their recipient data.
  • Dynamic Formatting
    The solution generates PDF files containing only information the recipient is authorized to receive.


Stability and performance are key factors for this customer, as the resulting report distribution processes support critical business communications with their dealer and business partner network. Success with these key factors is allowing this customer to look towards expanding the Publisher for Cloud deployment to meet a broader set of communication and business needs. The APOS Technical Team has worked closely with this customer to adapt various settings to optimize the solution within the customer landscape, with the customer describing the APOS Team as “very responsive and helpful.”
Cathy Ramsli, Account Manager, APOS


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