Monday, October 26, 2020

APOS Customer Success - Energy Northwest

Energy Northwest is a Joint Operating Agency made up of 28 member public utilities across the State of Washington. The Agency operates electricity generating stations that provide electricity at cost and provides other specialized services to the energy industry in the area.

Energy Northwest’s Challenge

With 700 reports, 900 schedules, and 800 system objects to manage, Energy Northwest’s system administrators were looking for a way to create and manage report schedules and respond to instance failures more efficiently. They also needed to manage large-scale updates to reports to align with ERP upgrades.


APOS Customer Success - Energy Northwest


Energy Northwest – Bulk Administration & System Management
– APOS Administrator, APOS Insight

  • Schedule & Failure Management
    Energy Northwest use APOS Administrator to simplify adapting scheduling to significantly re-designed reports significantly easier, as well as to identify failed jobs and re-schedule them.
  • Audit Readiness
    Energy Northwest uses APOS Insight’s Audit capabilities to to answer difficult audit questions regarding system usage and scheduling, and to understand specific job information.
  • Bulk Object Management
    APOS Administrator updates failure notification information, user preferences as Energy Northwest human resources change, and other system configuration needs.


“The APOS technical staff was very helpful in identifying how the tools could accomplish our needs, which is why we ended up purchasing the products. After acquiring it, it did not take long to become familiar with the software.”
Matt Johnson, IS Business Intelligence Analyst, Energy Northwest


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