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Customer Success –
APOS Publisher for Cloud – Aerospace

Secure communication of visualizations and performance metrics across the design and manufacturing landscape

Customer Profile

Aerospace – a multinational company at the forefront of aerospace innovation, including the design and manufacture of commercial aircraft, defence contracting and space engineering. The company has assembly plants around the world, and manages secure communications between governments, militaries and international agencies, supporting their operational needs.

Landscape & Core Challenge

This company places great emphasis on secure IT infrastructure and communications, not only for its own manufacturing and intellectual property, but as a provider of critical infrastructure to its customers. SAP Analytics Cloud plays a key role in data visualization and reporting, replacing SAP BusinessObjects, but decommissioning of SAP BusinessObjects could not fully proceed until they established report broadcasting functionality to address existing use cases being fulfilled by SAP BusinessObjects Publications. Specifically, they needed to schedule and execute emails with filtered SAC reports as automatically customized PDF files detailing performance metrics for all manufacturing and assembly facilities.

Problem: SAP Analytics Cloud Publications functionality did not meet their report distribution needs

Without the ability to communicate their SAP Analytics Cloud reports in a timely and effective manner, they would not be able to decommission SAP BusinessObjects and commit fully to SAP Analytics Cloud as their visualization and reporting platform.

Customer Success – Aerospace - P4C


  • Ability to schedule and execute timely, personalized and secure emails with filtered SAP Analytics Cloud reports
  • Ability to generate personalized PDFs and other formats
  • Export PDF and CSV files without using Microsoft Office
  • Information distribution service levels to meet business requirements


SAP Analytics Cloud Publications restrictions:

  • Personalization using bookmarks is time consuming
  • Service levels are inadequate due to limits on volume
  • Publications processing window limits impact timely delivery of reports

APOS Publisher for Cloud

Their SAP Customer Success Partner pointed them to APOS.

APOS Publisher for Cloud gave them:

  • Automated, Targeted, Data-Driven Broadcasting – Dynamic, data driven processes let them push PDF dashboards via email to the people who need it, when they need it.?
  • Strategic Timing – Tailored reports delivered at the specific times required by their sales workflows for maximum impact on decision making and job execution.?
  • Personalized Data – Simplified user experience with offline consumption of the filtered and personalized data they need.?
  • Distribution Monitoring – Ability to monitor distribution easily from an administrator account to ensure timely delivery of KPIs and sales data.?
  • Tailored Format – Consumers receive the information they need in the convenient and specific format they require for immediate use, without the need for Microsoft Office, removing connection barriers.


The success of APOS Publisher for Cloud in this company’s operations will lead to greater adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud across the multinational enterprise.

APOS Publisher for Cloud allowed this company to:

  • Meet their scheduling needs
  • Meet their information personalization needs
  • Achieve effective distribution and required service levels
  • Decommission legacy BI assets
  • Continue to develop an advanced visualization and reporting strategy

“This company was committed to the analytics and visualization offered by SAP Analytics Cloud, but needed robust broadcasting capabilities to realize their vision of reliable and secure communication across numerous facilities and a variety of user types. The success of APOS Publisher for Cloud in meeting their specific broadcasting needs allowed them to continue to deploy their analytics strategy across the enterprise.”
Peter Warren, Account Manager, APOS


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