Wednesday, January 19, 2022

SAP Analytics Cloud – Selecting a Broadcasting Solution

Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing with APOS Publisher for Cloud

In an earlier post, we looked at pushing content to information consumers. While the ability to push content in this manner is extremely important, there are other fundamental requirements for broadcasting / bursting / publishing, including:

  • Formats
    The ability to deliver reports in the formats most suitable to the recipients
  • Destinations
    The ability to send to destinations most suitable to the recipients
  • Filtering
    The ability to filter reports so that your consumers receive information that is relevant to them
  • Scheduling
    The ability to automate delivery using recurring schedules

Beside these fundamental requirements, there are other factors to consider:

  • Volume
    The need for high-volume bursts to meet distribution and bursting requirements
  • Email from different senders to distribution lists
    The need to service distribution lists with a consistent voice
  • Dynamic formatting
    The need to automate formatting of embedded documents such as spreadsheets
  • SSO
    The need for transparent Single Sign-On to simplify and automate bursting of stories based on live and acquired connections
  • Live preview
    The need to see messages as they will appear to recipients
  • Conditional bursting
    The need to burst automatically when certain conditions are met
  • Ease of configuration
    The need to “set and forget” to minimize maintenance

Watch this video for an overview of broadcasting solution requirements, and how they are delivered by APOS Publisher for Cloud.

Note: this video clip is derived from our recent webinar, Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing for Countless Business Use Cases. You can watch this entire webinar on demand.

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