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APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Streamlining Regulatory Reporting

Using APOS Live Data Gateway to connect SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Financial Consolidation Data in a non-SAP Data Asset

Challenge: SAP Analytics Live Data Access in the Finance Industry

A large international retail bank, insurer and cooperative based in France needed to streamline their quarterly regulatory reporting workflow to ensure timely management of audit controls across regional and local branches.

Data from their SAP Financial Consolidation module was essential to this effort, and they needed to replace time-consuming manual data consolidation processes by establishing live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and their SAP Financial Consolidation data in Microsoft SQL Server.

APOS Live Data Gateway - Retail Banking Use Case


  • Secure & live data connectivity
    Create secure and transparent live connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Financial Consolidation data in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Automated report generation
    Automate production of hundreds of quarterly reports with individualized financial consolidation and audit control content
  • Timely, accurate financial consolidation
    Provide a clear and timely path for the bank’s local and regional supervisors to achieve accurate financial consolidation

Solution: Using APOS Live Data Gateway to Streamline Regulatory Reporting

This customer deployed APOS Live Data Gateway to create live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft SQL Server. Live Data Gateway:

  • Allows them to access data from its current location using a single, simplified, consistent and transparent point of connection
  • Ensures the data they report on is current at all times through live data connectivity
  • Creates a unified semantic layer against which to build individualized reports
  • Leverages the existing data modelling and security of their Microsoft SQL Server data source, greatly simplifying the implementation of their quarterly regulatory reporting solution
  • Keeps data secure behind the corporate firewall


”The existing manual processes were extremely time consuming and prone to human error. Using Live Data Gateway and SAP Analytics Cloud together has allowed them to automate this process, liberate resources, and achieve more timely and accurate regulatory reporting. The implementation went smoothly and they were able to implement their new regulatory reporting workflows very quickly.”
Cathy Ramsli, Account Manager, APOS




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