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Use Case – APOS Publisher for Cloud - Advanced Broadcasting Capabilities for SAP Analytics Cloud

Using APOS Publisher for Cloud to Schedule, Generate and Distribute
Personalized, User-Specific Reports in SAP Analytics Cloud

An Asia-based producer of market pulp, paper, and fibre-based packaging with subsidiaries in over a dozen countries needed advanced publishing capabilities to schedule, generate and distribute personalized, user-specific reports in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). These requirements were further complicated by their use of the SAP Neo platform, which does not offer native scheduling capabilities.


This company needed a solution to meet their broadcasting needs on the SAP Neo platform, as migrating to the newer SAP Cloud Foundry platform would be a time- and resource-intensive solution that would still not meet their broadcasting requirements. They needed:

  • Timely Scheduling of SAC Reports
    They needed to send SAP Analytics Cloud reports to stakeholders to ensure they had the latest insights to apply to their tasks.
  • Personalized, User-Specific SAC Reports
    Emails to stakeholders needed to be personalized with appropriate details to each recipient. Emails needed be formatted according to recipient and content types.
  • Printing Capabilities
    Reports needed to be printable as they are displayed in SAC, including appropriate pagination and Excel / PowerPoint formatting


Use Case - Advanced APOS Publisher for Cloud – Advanced SAC Broadcasting

Solution: APOS Publisher for Cloud

APOS Publisher for Cloud was proposed by a trusted APOS consulting and implementation partner. The partner undertook proof of concept with the customer with help from APOS Technical Support. The solution provided:

  • Tailored Formats
    Reports are broadcast in multiple formats such as Excel and PDF, and are able to include multiple formats per email.
  • Dynamic Formatting
  • A large number of columns fit within a landscape-mode PDF report, and include color coding to emphasize key KPIs. Requirements also include a dataset that would vary in the number of rows being distributed, and report formatting is adjusted accordingly dynamically, with accurate pagination.
  • Printing
    SAP Analytics reports are printed as they are displayed in the SAP Analytics Cloud stories, including Excel tables with all columns and rows.
  • Targeted Distribution
    Automated broadcasting is achieved through data-driven bursting, and emails constructed through story filters.
  • Scheduling
    Targeted reports can be scheduled to a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, including executives, partners and resellers.


“The APOS Publisher for Cloud solution was proposed to this company by an APOS partner organization, which implemented the solution quickly and efficiently, leveraging the APOS technical support team. The customer was very pleased by the solution’s flexibility in formatting and personalization, and by its ability to schedule targeted reports to both internal and external recipients.”
Jay Murdoch, APOS Account Manager


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