Thursday, October 8, 2020

SAC Content Priorities - Better Time to Value

Your SAP BusinessObjects content possesses great value, but not all of that content is equally valuable. When you are developing your SAP Analytics Cloud content, it is very useful to know how your SAP BusinessObjects content is being used. This knowledge will help greatly, allowing you to prioritize content development, and attain continuity and synchronization between platforms.

APOS Insight provides deep knowledge of your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, so you know which content is most used, and which content is least used. It also provides documentation of SAP BusinessObjects report structure, giving SAP Analytics Cloud report developers a clear understanding of how to rebuild the logic in the new platform.
In fact, the entire suite of APOS well managed BI & Analytics products will help you to realize value more quickly in your Hybrid BI & Analytics environments, as well as to communicate that value effectively, and to protect that value.


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