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Use Case –
Personalized SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting with APOS Publisher for Cloud

Timely, Data-Driven SAC Broadcasting to Thousands of Recipients

A Europe-based multinational lighting corporation who manufactures innovative electric lighting solutions needed a report broadcasting solution to burst SAP Analytics stories to executive and sales teams. These teams, made up of more than 2,000 SAP Analytics Cloud users across multiple, globally disparate data centers, required recipient-specific sales statistics dashboards to be delivered to team members on a daily basis.


  • Timely Delivery of Reports to Globally Disparate Recipients
    Schedule targeted reports to a wide variety of stakeholders, including executive and sales teams.
  • Personalized Broadcasting
    Broadcasting needed to be personalized to ensure the right information (and only the right information) reaches individual recipients.
  • Targeted Distribution
    Broadcasting automation through data-driven bursting, and emails constructed through story filters.
  • Volume
    Confidence in the ability of a solution to deliver thousands of reports in a timely manner and the ability to track delivery.


Use Case - Personalized SAC Broadcasting – APOS Publisher for Cloud

Solution: Broadcasting with APOS Publisher for Cloud

Working with a European consulting partner, APOS deployed APOS Publisher for Cloud. APOS Publisher for Cloud provided:

  • Automated, Targeted, Data-Driven Broadcasting/Bursting
    Dynamic flexibility to drive distribution of content, pushing content out to executive and sales teams to ensure timely and accurate decision making.
  • Tailored Formatting and Destinations to Meet the Workflow Needs of Recipients
    Ability to manage changes to distribution needs simply and easily by adjusting the data and filters used to define bursting.
  • Ease of Use
    Data-driven bursting capabilities for “set and forget” broadcasting
  • Distribution Monitoring
    Ability to monitor distribution easily from an administrator account.
  • Reduced IT burden
    Data-driven bursting and automation greatly reduce the burden on IT and analytics teams, allowing them to focus their efforts on other initiatives.


“APOS Publisher for Cloud’s dynamic flexibility delivered timely broadcasting and population of dashboards to this company, ensuring up-to-date information found its way to executives and sales teams for their decision-making workflows. The APOS technical support team worked with the customer and a trusted partner to get the customer up and running quickly and efficiently.”
Jay Murdoch, APOS Account Manager




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