Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Team Collaboration for SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting

New: APOS Publisher for Cloud Enterprise Edition now offers secure team collaboration for SAP Analytics Cloud broadcasting. Multiple users across business units can now collaborate securely on broadcasting and share data assets safely.

APOS Publisher for Cloud is a popular solution for organizations wishing to extend the publishing, distribution, bursting and broadcasting capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. It automates processes for bursting personalized SAP Analytics Cloud stories to end users. Using dynamic, security driven processes with strict filters, you can ensure recipients get only the data to which they are entitled.

With the new Enterprise Edition, multiple departments and groups can now collaborate and share data on a centralized and secure enterprise system and achieve the same personalized, tailored and targeted SAP Analytics Cloud broadcasting capabilities.

The new collaborative team environment features:

  • Enhanced Security
    Create individual user profiles and define groups to segregate users across business units and sub-units, using specific roles to access folders.
  • Shared & Private Folders
    Enable authorized user groups to collaborate in building bursting definitions and broadcasting content with public folders. Private folders allow individuals to build their own bursting definitions for either personal use or in preparation for sharing with a group.
  • Shared & Private Data Sources
    Make data sources public and shared with an authorized group, or keep them private for personal use or in preparation for sharing with a group. Data sources contain the information needed to drive the bursting process, such as email addresses, filter values, destinations & format settings, SAC story IDs and model names, and dimension names.
  • BW User-Based Broadcasting
    Automatically broadcast BW-based stories based on BW authorizations on behalf of BW users. This feature can also be used to support broadcasting using other live data sources.

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