Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The State of Cloud Analytics

A recent TDWI Executive Q&A on the State of Cloud Analytics notes the rising popularity of Cloud-based Analytics. It cites survey data that demonstrates customers see Cloud-based Analytics as:

  • More cost effective than on-premise Analytics
  • Providing faster time to value
  • Generally easier to use
  • More comprehensive in functionality
  • Having a democratizing effect on Analytics' ability to engage more users

These points match our experience with customers. Cloud-based Analytics platforms are here and represent the future of Analytics.

However, there are currently two major limiting factors on the successful deployment of Cloud-based Analytics platforms:

  • Getting the right data into the platform for analysis
  • Getting the right insights to the right people at the right time in the right format

The SAP Analytics Cloud Opportunity

In 2022, SAP reported that:

  • SAP customers generate 87% of total global commerce ($46 trillion)
  • 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers
  • 97 of the 100 greenest companies in the world run SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud is the go-forward BI and Analytics solution for SAP customers. SAP has invested heavily into this cloud-based Analytics platform, combining Business Intelligence (BI), Planning, and Predictive Analytics reporting, with AI and ML capabilities, all in one platform. SAP Analytics Cloud is embedded within all SAP ERP and Line of Business applications, so with this level of emphasis within the massive SAP customer base, current and future adoption of this analytics platform will be huge.

Snowflake and SAP Analytics Cloud

Snowflake's David Richert joined us to discussed the SAP Analytics Cloud opportunity for data platform vendors such as Snowflake.

Because 87% of the world’s transactions - 42 trillion dollars – go through SAP systems every year, providing Terabytes and Petabytes of computational power to organizations using the SAP Analytics Cloud platform significantly augments the missions of data platform providers. David Richert rightly sees this as an opportunity both for Snowflake’s Cloud Data platform to host data for SAP Analytics Cloud and for organizations using SAP Analytics Cloud to access petabytes of information relevant to their enterprise Analytics programs.

Extending Live Data Connectivity

Live data connectivity provides simple, secure and governed access to all your enterprise data, getting the right data into the platform for analysis.

Many organizations within the SAP community are already using APOS Live Data Gateway as an integral part of their Analytics digital transformation, because it allows them to connect to the non-SAP data assets they need to form a more complete picture of their organizations within SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Expanding “Push” Broadcasting Capabilities

“Push” broadcasting expands the reach of your Analytics insights, reflecting the needs of your information consumers for these insights to be placed into their workflows at a regular time, and in a preferred format.

Many organizations within the SAP community have turned to APOS Publisher for Cloud to expand  their broadcasting capabilities. This solution adds personalized distribution, strategic scheduling, tailored formats, secure collaboration, dyamic flexibility and scalability capabilities to your Analytics program.

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