Thursday, June 11, 2020

Customer Success – ProMedica & APOS Insight

It doesn’t take a pandemic for healthcare organizations to understand the real and potential value of their Electronic Health Record (EHR) sytems, and to know that maintaining their EHR systems is critical to their ability to provide essential services to their patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders.

But maintaining EHR systems in the face of frequent upgrades is not easy, particularly when you look at the technical debt incurred through the integration of critical system components.

ProMedica is a mission-based, not-for-profit, integrated healthcare organization headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, and serving communities in 28 states with acute and ambulatory care, an insurance company with a dental plan, and post-acute and academic business lines. To provide strong service for patients, as well as its 56,000+ employees, 13 hospitals, 2,100+ physicians, and 900+ healthcare providers employed by their physicians, ProMedica maintains a complex Epic Electronic Health Record platform with advanced SAP BI and reporting capabilities.

Here is how ProMedica overcame their EHR upgrade challenges with the APOS Insight solution.


ProMedica uses SAP BusinessObjects as the BI and reporting engine for its Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. Keeping up with Epic upgrades to its software and the associated SAP BusinessObjects Universes is extremely important to provide the best possible service to ProMedica’s patients, and to ensure continued regulatory compliance. However, the manual upgradea to SAP BusinessObjects required to ensure the continuing integrity of the Epic system are labor- and time-intensive. ProMedica needed a way to automate this process.

The APOS Insight solution provides an unparelleled depth of knowledge on your SAP BusinessObjects system. ProMedica used this knowledge to strengthen change management processes and workflows. Insight allowed them to analyze detailed audit information to support change management controls.

They used Insight’s impact analysis capabilities to improve system governance, and accelerate EHR upgrades. Insight provides real-time system management, allowing ProMedica to leverage precise and immediate information and alerts enabling prompt resolutions and improved system stability.

Benefits realized by ProMedica:
  • Timely Impact Analysis
  • To upgrade Epic in a timely and accurate manner, ProMedica uses APOS Insight to automate upgrade impact analysis and provide immediate, actionable information to the BI team.
  • Simplified EHR & BI Upgrades
  • The actionable information provided by APOS Insight gives the ProMedica team the clarity needed to execute effective and efficient upgrades to their EHR and BI systems.
  • In-Depth System KnowledgeTo maintain their SAP BI deployment, and plan for the future, ProMedica uses APOS Insight to gain system health knowledge, and Insight's ad-hoc reporting to keep the team informed.


”I find APOS Insight to be an invaluable analysis tool for our SAP environment - not only for upgrade impact analysis, but also for ad-hoc reporting that I would not be able to deliver any other way.”
Doug Kemp, Developer – Data Warehouse, Information Technology Services,

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