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Use Case –
Advanced SAP BI Administration – Data Governance and Security at a Major US University

Fortifying data security and governance while easing administrative workloads and future-proofing SAP BusinessObjects administration

Data security continues to be the highest priority for organizations, but tighter security is generally accompanied by higher administration costs for IT and BI teams. A major US university recently revised its security policies to increase the frequency with which database passwords must be changed. For the BI team, this change meant that they needed to make changes to thousands of SAP BusinessObjects reports, instances and schedules frequently, creating an untenable manual process that ate into its available resources.


To comply with the new security policy, the BI team needed to find a way to

  • Automate password changes to reports
  • Automate password changes to recurring instances
  • Automate rescheduling of reports and instances
Use Case - Advanced SAP BI Administration - Data Governance and Security at a Major US University

Solution: Automated Administration with APOS Administrator

The BI team chose APOS Administrator to meet these new requirements. APOS Administrator strengthened their data security and governance capabilities, while easing the workload on administrators, with:

  • HIgh-volume security management
    Centralized bulk management of users, user groups, security, limits, preferences, and SAP BusinessObjects application security
  • Easy to use bulk report scheduling
    Automated high-volume shceduling and rescheduling – with or without changes.
  • Rapid, high volume object management
    Automated and simplified maintenance, managegement, and promotion of objects, object settings and preferences in bulk
  • Efficient bulk instance management
    The ability to identify failures, correct issues in bulk and re-run schedules with changes in bulk to recover rapidly and meet service level agreements
  • Agile change management
    The ability to manage the environment’s security structure in bulk and automate other large-scale system changes


“APOS Administrator’s automation capabilities allowed this customer to meet existing data governance and security challenges while reducing their adimistrative workload. In addition, Administrator provides them with capabilities that future-proof administration of their SAP BusinessObjects deployment, allowing them to meet new challenges quickly and efficiently.”

Peter Warren, APOS Account Manager




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