Thursday, September 24, 2020

Data Modelling - Better Time to Value

You will realize true value in your Analytics platform when it fully enables ad hoc, responsive, self-serve Analytics. Getting there from a standing start may delay that value considerably.

The value of your existing SAP BusinessObjects data modelling assets is substantial, and you need to look at ways to leverage those assets for your SAP Analytics Cloud / SAP S/4HANA platform.

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One way to leverage this value is to use the APOS Semantic Layer Migrator to translate your SAP BusinessObjects data modelling assets into either SAP HANA data modelling or into modelling within the unified semantic layer of APOS Live Data Gateway.

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator automates the data modelling process by extracting SQL statements from your Web Intelligence reports and translating them into SAP HANA Calculation Views, which HANA uses to model data for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Datasphere, and other Analytics solutions, whether Cloud-based or on-premise.

Another way to leverage this value, and to achieve better time to value in ad hoc self-serve Analytics, is to  use Semantic Layer Migrator with APOS Live Data Gateway to create an independent and universal semantic layer, which analysts can then use to query all of your data sources to populate their SAP Analytics Cloud stories.

Combining these two APOS products lets you leverage your significant investment in SAP BusinessObjects and apply the value accrued in your data modelling processes to realize immediate value in your new Analytics environment. APOS Semantic Layer Migrator and APOS Live Data Gateway translate Universe logic to:

  • Define which data fields are exposed
  • Define Measures and Dimensions
  • Manage table links and joins
  • Set meaningful field names
  • Define and secure who can access specific data

These solutions make data modelling synchronization possible as well: as your SAP BusinessObjects modelling assets change, you can run the translation processes continuously to synchronize with HANA, or with the APOS independent semantic layer.



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