Wednesday, May 26, 2021

High-Performance SAP BI Administration

SAP BusinessObjects administration is a challenge, especially as the size of your deployment and its content grows, and as BI reporting becomes more critical to operational and financial management, making service level agreements more difficult to meet.

APOS Administrator automates many of your SAP BI tasks, providing high-volume and bulk administration to simplify working with security, object, instance, upgrade, and universe management.

In a recent webinar, we demonstrated how you can use APOS Administrator to simplify migration execution with regard to securing your deployment


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Here’s what you can do with APOS Administrator:

  • High-Volume Security Management
    APOS Administrator serves as an SAP BuinessObjects security management console, simplifying the process of searching for and selecting folders for security management with numerous selection criteria: search folders by name, location, object ID number, create date, modified data, and predefined data ranges.
  • Rapid, High-Volume Object Management
    Use APOS Administrator to automate and simplify maintenance, management and promotion of objects, object settings and preferences in bulk
  • Easy-to-Use Bulk Report Scheduling
    APOS Administrator enables administrators and power users to simplify and automate tasks such as high-volume scheduling and rescheduling (with or without changes).
  • Efficient Bulk Instance Management
    Identify failures, correct issues in bulk and re-run schedules with changes in bulk to recover rapidly and meet service level agreements
  • Simplified Upgrades
    Remove uncertainties from the upgrade process, and liberate resources to tackle higher-ROI tasks. During the migration process, many bulk actions are necessary to re-establish the new environment. Use APOS Administrator to automate and simplify these changes in bulk.
  • Universe & Report Format Upgrades
    Reduce the level of uncertainty around migration and upgrades through rapid conversion, bulk repointing, and automated testing.

Learn more about APOS Administrator


Learn more about APOS Administrator

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