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APOS Data Gateway Customer Success –
Palantir Foundry and Databricks

Live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and ETL Technologies – Palantir, Databricks

Customer Profile

The IT systems division of a heavy equipment manufacturer and distributor provides information services to its dealer community, enabling that community to manage equipment lifecycles, and enabling the parent company’s finance and accounting services to analyze and report on a complete picture of enterprise transactions.

Landscape & Core Challenge

In an effort to create advanced, centralized analytics for complex finance domains, this company implemented SAP Analytics Cloud, but required live connectivity to its Databricks and Palantir Foundry technologies. This connectivity positions SAP Analytics Cloud as the BI & Analytics tool of choice, easily exposing both SAP and non-SAP source data to the finance & accounting user community in a harmonized single platform and user experience.

Problem: SAP Analytics Cloud does not support live data connectivity with Databricks and Palantir Foundry

Without live data connectivity to their blended data assets, the company could not serve them in SAP Analytics Cloud for a modern user experience and a supportable, consistent, and harmonized analytics solution.

APOS Data Gateway - Customer Success - Palantir Foundry and Databricks


  • Live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and Databricks
  • Live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and Palantir Foundry
  • Convergence of finance and accounting analytics tools in SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing them to decommission other non-integrated analytics tools

APOS Data Gateway

The APOS Data Gateway’s Live Data Gateway allowed this customer to achieve:

  • Real-time access to data from Databricks and Palantir Foundry
  • Strong query performance
  • Security integration with all data assets


  • SAP Analytics Cloud is this company’s one-stop-shop for analytics, eliminating other BI tools.
  • Analytics users can visualize the lifecycles of individual machines.
  • Accounting critical data sets have been unified.
  • Accounting data sets are now available for ad hoc analysis and management reporting.


“Having LDG connectivity to Databricks and Palantir Foundry allows our business users to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud to visualize that data without having to otherwise persist it to another location. This is of particular importance, as we can visualize interim datasets as they are getting transformed, and it also helps position SAP Analytics Cloud as the visualization tool of choice, agnostic of data source.”
Customer’s Financial Reporting & Forecasting


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