Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Connecting Google BigQuery to the SAP Solution Landscape

The APOS Live Data Gatewayconnects your SAP solutions, including SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP HANA, to most industry-standard data sources. 

Google BigQuery is one such data source that has become a very important part of the Analytics that many organizations practice.

Example: Connecting Google BI Query to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud .

 Google BigQuery

In a recent ASUG webinar, Google recognized the key role that the APOS Live Data Gateway can play in connecting Google BigQuery to the SAP Solution Landscape:

About the APOS Live Data Gateway

The APOS Live Data Gateway provides expanded, simplified and unified data connectivity options across the SAP Solution Landscape. In this case, we connected Google BigQuery to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, but you can just as easily connect it to SAP Analytics Cloud.

The APOS Live Data Gateway unlocks live and import data connectivity, allowing you to connect a wide variety of data sources – Relational, OLAP, Hadoop, Cloud- & Application-Based – and serve data across the SAP Solution Landscape using consumption methods such as OData and JDBC.

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