Thursday, March 21, 2019

Translate Modelling from SAP BI to SAP HANA

As vendors within the SAP partner ecosphere, we don't have to choose between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects. But then again, neither do SAP's customers, because, for the foreseeable future, both are available, compatible, and able to run in parallel.

Sure, there's a cost associated with duplication, but there's a potentially larger cost associated with insufficient intelligence and analytics, so we are focusing on the strengths of both systems, and looking, and looking for ways to make this Hybrid relationship sing.

That's the philosophy behind the new APOS Semantic Layer Mirator solution. If you truly want to run SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud in parallel - that is, with the same access to your information resources - but also as independently as possible, then you should take advantage of APOS Semantic Layer Migrator's modelling translation capabilities.

Semantic Layer Migrator is a conversion application that enables organizations working with SAP BI and SAP Analytics Cloud to automate the translation of modelling from SAP BI to SAP HANA.

  • You have a well developed SAP BI deployment with reliance on universes. you want to speed development of advanced analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • SAP HANA is an important part of your data landscape plan.
  • You want to leverage the existing modelling and business logic that resides in your SAP BI universes.
  • You want to realize performance and feature gains with SAP Analytics Cloud via HANA
  • You want to ensure your deployment and your BI & Analytics team is moving forward with technology that provides a path to the platform of the future.

Semantic Layer Migrator facilitates hybrid mode, allowing organizations to continue to develop with universes, while periodically synchronizing development updates with HANA, and advancing HANA development in parallel.

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