Monday, April 17, 2023

Update to SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction (updated Oct 2023)

BI 2024 is now BI 2025, with the initial release scheduled for Q4 2024.

SAP’s Eric Fenollosa recently posted a summary of the most recent 2023 update to the SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction on the SAP Community blog.

What SAP BusinessObjects customers need to do to continue their journey:

  • Upgrade to BI 4.3 now – BI 4.2 reaches end of priority one support at the end of 2024
  • Consider alternatives to technologies that will be deprecated in BI 2025
  • Maximize value with BI 2025 – SAP “will continue to enhance SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence’s visualizations, interactivity, dashboarding, data manipulation and ad hoc query capabilities. We will enhance SAP Crystal Reports and add the support for .unx universes in order to ease the migration from Crystal Reports for Enterprise. We will simplify version upgrades for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform and improve the BI Launchpad.”


The new Statement of Direction emphasizes the importance of adopting the UNX universe in preparation for BI 2025, and provides a link to Laura Vega’s SAP Community blog post, UNV is dead, long live UNX. In here post, Laura links to APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence, and she follows up with a couple of posts that explore the UNX conversion and Web Intelligence migration processes using the APOS Web Intelligence Migrator:

Watch our most recent APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence webinar on demand.

Read the full SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction - updated October 2023.


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