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APOS Administrator, APOS Storage Center Use Case – Healthcare

Agile SAP BusinessObjects Change Management, Rapid Administration, Storage

A US-based healthcare organization with close to 10,000 staff across hospitals and associated healthcare businesses uses SAP BusinessObjects in conjunction with an Epic EHR reporting system. They needed to find ways to manage SAP BusinessObjects changes efficiently at the object level while increasing flexibility and improving data governance.


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This organization had previously implemented APOS Insight as a means of streamlining their BI team’s management of SAP BusinessObjects.

With APOS Insight, they achieved:

  • Simplified Content & Security Management
  • Ad-Hoc System Analysis
  • Report Delivery Analysis



They wanted to expand their SAP BusinessObjects administrative and agile change management capabilities, including:

  • Updating report recipients, senders, and/or destination information globally
  • Updating report properties such as Properties and Keywords
  • Updating the database configuration password for all reports using the data source
  • Apply new security schemes to folders, users, and groups
  • Impersonate user access to BI Launchpad without setting the users SAP BusinessObjects password

Document Lifecycle Management

Their governance initiative included the need to manage SAP BusinessObjects content proactively:

  • Archive and back up objects and instances
  • Version management
  • Simplified retrieval of older versions of reports
  • Full System Backup & Replication


APOS Administrator

This customer implemented APOS Administrator. APOS Administrator’s automation, agile change management, and rapid system administration gave them:

  • Global updates of report recipients, senders, and destination information
  • Bulk updates to properties and keywords
  • Bulk updates to data source passwords
  • Bulk application of their security scheme to folders, users and groups

APOS Administrator’s strong governance capabilities gave them:

  • Failure and success notifications to a common recipient
  • User impersonation in BI Launchpad
  • Administration of multiple SAP BusinessObjects deployment

APOS Storage Center

This customer implemented APOS Storage Center, giving them the capabilities they need to manage document lifecycles, safeguard data privacy, and achieve robust data governance:

  • System content protection, backup, archive
  • Selective restore
  • Automated cleanup
  • Report promotion, system replication
  • Upgrade simplification


“The customer was impressed with the way APOS Administrator and APOS Storage Center fulfilled all of their requirements, providing rapid, automated administration and document lifecycle management for their multiple SAP BusinessObjects deployments. Administrator also satisfied the company’s data governance requirements with agile change management and rapid administration of security schemes across folders, users and groups.

Cathy Ramsli, APOS Account Manager


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