Monday, October 5, 2020

SAP BI & Analytics – Data Connectivity Challenges

Many of our customers are using both SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP S/4HANA with varying degrees of integration and interoperability. There is no single definition of Hybrid BI & Analytics, which means that the possibilities are endless, but also that the challenges ahead in your quest for value across your BI & Analytics platforms are equally great.

Some of the greatest challenges you may face include data connectivity, data modelling, and publishing. Today, I will focus on data connectivity.

You may find that you are using the same data sources for both your SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud deployment, but you might also find that the drive toward better Analytics is opening up a variety of other data sources.

Time to value is a major consideration, so here’s a way to implement and manage effective, efficient connectivity. The APOS Live Data Gateway solution can connect to most relational, OLAP, Hadoop, Big Data, and Cloud-based data sources for consumption by a wide variety of applications (such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud) using OData, JDBC and ODBC protocols.

APOS Live Data Gateway works well with large data sets – millions to billions of rows – and returns queries from these data sources quickly and efficiently to your reports.

See how this works:

Video Clip - APOS Live Data Gateway - Unified Data Connectivity & Data Consumption
See how easy the APOS Live Data Gateway makes connecting to Google BigQuery:

Blog Post - Connecting Google BigQuery to the SAP Solution Landscape

How APOS products provide better time to value:

  • APOS Live Data Gateway Connect quickly to a wide variety of data sources and consume data using its universal semantic layer and OData, JDBC and ODBC protocols.
  • APOS UMMA Translate SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic to SAP HANA data modelling logic.
  • APOS Publisher for Cloud Implement personalized bursting in multiple formats to a wide variety of destinations. Combine content from both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects.



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