Thursday, March 3, 2022

Live Data Analytics – SAP Analytics Cloud – APOS Live Data Gateway

Using APOS Live Data Gateway’s Virtualized Data Connectivity

Using live data analytics, you can examine the current state of your enterprise data at any time, regardless of where that data is stored. APOS Live Data Gateway provides virtualized data connectivity to connect SAP Analytics Cloud and other analytics solutions to relational and OLAP, cloud-based or on-premise data assets, and even application-based data sources such as SAP Ariba.

In a recent webinar, we looked at questions such as:

  • Why do so many organizations prefer live data connectivity?
  • How does live data access deliver expanded value?
  • How can you leverage live data from non-SAP sources with SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • How can both self-service and governance be achieved with live data connectivity?

Watch this clip for an overview of live data connectivity:

APOS Live Data Gateway’s Data Virtualization Layer provides a single point of connection to data sources:

APOS Live Data Gateway’s Data Preparation Layer provides a common semantic layer:

APOS Live Data Gateway’s Data Consumption Layer serves data to analytics consumers:

Note: these video clips are derived from our recent webinar, Live Data Analytics – Unlock New Value and Insight. You can watch this entire webinar on demand.



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