Wednesday, January 29, 2020

3 Steps to an Effective SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade

We’re not saying upgrades are easy, just that they can be MUCH easier if you follow this 3 step framework:

  • System Audit – form deep knowledge of the current system & diagnose issues
  • System Backup – develop a content backup strategy
  • System Streamline – capture baseline runtimes for critical reports; perform schedule usage, report usage, license usage, and schedule destination analysis

  • Move Content – choose the appropriate technology
  • Secure Content – implement a strong content storage, promotion, and selective restore strategy
  • Optimize Content – rationalize content to limit technical debt; simplify universe classes; adjust licensing to reflect usage

  • Validate System, Security & Data Connectivity– ensure groups have appropriate access; compare system settings against source system; ensure connections point to correct data sources
  • Validate Report Accuracy – compare source and target report output
  • Validate Performance – do analysis & stress testing

View Upgrade Webinars
APOS recently hosted webinars on each of these topics:

  • Upgrade Smart
  • Upgrade Strong
  • Upgrade Safe

The upgrade bundle includes short-term licensing for APOS solutions that will help you:
  • Form deep system knowledge
  • Perform bulk administrative operations
  • Automate systematic content management
  • Automate report validation in the new environment

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