Monday, October 5, 2020

APOS Customer Success - Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC, is an interstate natural gas pipeline company that provides transportation and underground storage services in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.


Dominion Energy’s Challenge

Dominion Energy's natural gas transportation division is responsible for verifying that the correct amount of gas is scheduled each day, five times a day. With the strict deadlines imposed on their reporting by this requirement, Dominion needed to simplify their report scheduling processes and become more agile in the delivery of these reports.


Dominion Energy - Customer Success

Dominion Energy - Using APOS Administrator's InfoScheduler for Simplicity and Agility in Report Scheduling

  • Simplified Scheduling
    Dominion simplified various complexities in their report scheduling with the easy-to-use, Excel-based interface of APOS InfoScheduler.
  • Agile Scheduling
    Dominion quickly and easily manages multiple data dependencies with APOS InfoScheduler, giving them agility in their scheduling of reports.
  • Bulk Scheduling
    Dominion uses APOS InfoScheduler to manage a large number of report schedules using a wide range of parameters.


"APOS InfoScheduler is an important part of our BI toolkit, enabling us to meet our reporting needs in a timely and consistent fashion. We have been using InfoScheduler for several years now and it has been a great tool for us."

Shawn Hopkins, Programmer Analyst, Dominion Energy


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