Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SAP BusinessObjects “BI 2025” Upgrade Path

There is a more recent post on this subject here.

“BI 2024,” the newly announced continuation of on-premise SAP BusinessObjects, is exactly what many organizations were hoping and lobbying for. If your organization is committed to maintaining your on-premise BI, then now is the time to start considering your upgrade path.

Mainstream Maintenance for SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP9 comes to a close at the end of 2022, so maintaining your on-premise BI platform will require a move to BI 4.3 in preparation for the arrival of BI 2025. Do you know which of the components currently available in BI 4.2 will still be available in BI 2025?

SAP’s Patrick Sims joined us for a webinar recently (watch on demand) to discuss this and other topics.

Here’s a video featuring Patrick and summarizing what to expect beyond SAP BusinessObjectsBI 4.3:



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