Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What Is Deep System Knowledge?

If you have attended any of our numerous webinars on SAP BI migration and upgrades, you will have heard us refer quite often to the concept of “deep system knowledge” and how important it is to establish such knowledge before any great undertaking such as a system migration or upgrade.

But what exactly does “deep system knowledge” mean?

If you are an SAP BI platform manager or administrator, you must have a pretty good knowledge of your system, but the difference between your knowledge and deep system knowledge is the complete snapshot and statistical analysis that is made possible by answering some pointed questions about your system.

With a panoramic snapshot of your SAP BI system at a point in time, you can:
  • Inventory and catalog your existing reports to know where your reports and instances are, which reports are in use, by whom and how frequently
  • Document report composition and connections
  • Identify and prioritize what needs to be migrated
  • Validate report content prior to migration
  • Establish performance benchmarks

For platform managers and BI administrators planning a migration or upgrade, deep system knowledge is due diligence.

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