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Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects – What Are Your Next Steps?

Right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects deployment can be greatly simplified with the right tools such as APOS Insight, APOS Administrator, and APOS Storage Center.

In a recent webinar, we discussed right-sizing SAP BusinessObjects for the next steps in your analytics journey. What might those next steps be?

Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects - Next Steps

Watch a short overview of the right-sizing topic derived from this webinar:

Your next steps may be one or more of the following:

  • Upgrade/Migration
    This year, many of our customers are upgrading to the latest, or a more recent, version of SAP BusinessObjects to take advantage of new features and improved integration with SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Move to Cloud server deployment
    If your organization is moving toward the Cloud for data storage and analytics, then you may also be considering moving SAP BusinessObjects to a Cloud server deployment.
  • Consolidation of deployments
    Many of our customers need to consolidate deployments to combine information silos for a more complete, centralized picture, and integrated SAP BusinessObjects reporting.
  • Expanding to SAP Analytics Cloud
    If you are moving to a hybrid scenario with SAP Analytics Cloud, you may want to down-size your BI deployment to take advantage of SAP’s Cloud Extension Policy and move some of your SAP BusinessObjects licensing to the Cloud.
  • Corporate restructuring
    You may need to re-examine your security implementation to rationalize user groups and roles within the organization.
  • Corporate merger of acquisition
    Mergers and acquisitions can present numerous difficulties and risks for your SAP BusinessObjects deployment. Again, your security model needs to be re-examined and tested.
  • Hardware infrastructure upgrade
    Before you upgrade your hardware infrastructure, you need to baseline your existing infrastructure to understand your needs, and to compare post-upgrade performance.
  • Moving use cases to another BI platform
    Many of our customers use multiple BI platforms. Moving use cases to one of these other platforms presents opportunities for right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.
  • Expanding to more business units
    Up-sizing your deployment to include additional business units can be greatly simplified through automation and bulk operations.

These are some of the next steps we’ve heard from our customers. Regardless of what your next step may be, right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects deployment will simplify the process, and there are several APOS products that can help you achieve your right-sizing objectives, including:

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