Wednesday, January 20, 2021

SAP BusinessObjects – Automated Cleanup

Automated cleanup of your SAP BusinessObjects system is an extremely useful capability, whether you are

  • Experiencing steady growth in your user base and user needs
  • Moving into a hybrid scenario in which you need to balance resources between SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Preparing for an upgrade
  • Moving to a Cloud server deployment
  • Consolidating deployments
  • Adapting to corporate restructuring, mergers or acquisitions
  • Upgrading hardware infrastructure
  • Maintaining upgrade and audit readiness

In our recent webinar, Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects for Your Next Step, we discussed the many ways you can work with SAP BusinessObjects to ease they way into whatever your next BI & analytics step will be. The steps in the right-sizing process are:

  • Rationalize – assess what is necessary and what is not
  • Reduce – find and remove unnecessary elements from the system
  • Restructure – examine and refine your infrastructure and licensing

Here we will focus on the second step, reducing your SAP BusinessObjects footprint by finding and removing unnecessary elements from your system. The process of reducing can be greatly simplified using two APOS solutions: APOS Insight and APOS Storage Center.

Watch this video to see how these solutions work together to help you right-size your SAP BusinessObjects deployment through automated cleanup.

How APOS Insight & APOS Storage Center Will Help

You may have experienced decades of growth in your SAP BusinessObjects system, but now the time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff – to determine: what stays and what goes; who owns that which stays, and where the other content goes. Here are a couple of APOS products that will help you:

  • How do you come to a full understanding of the content you have in your SAP BusinessObjects system?
    APOS Insight gives you detailed system metadata & monitoring — the knowledge you need for effective SAP BI system management. It provides the means to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your SAP BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure.
  • How can you safeguard your SAP BusinessObjects content to ensure it is there for audit and regulatory purposes, while right-sizing your deployment to meet your ongoing needs?
    APOS Storage Center automates the archive and restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, helping you to manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, and achieve regulatory compliance. It features automated and rules-based backup, archive, partial restoration of selected documents, automated system cleanup, versioning, promotion and system replication.


Learn more about APOS Insight

Learn more about APOS Storage Center

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