Monday, September 14, 2020

APOS Customer Success - Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water, a utility operated by the Victoria state government, sees its mission to be "Enhancing life and livability with secure and reliable water services, desirable urban spaces and environments, and healthy waterways and bays."


Melbourne Water's Challenges

In preparation for their impending SAP BusinessObjects migration, Melbourne water sought solutions to many challenges, including:

  • Consolidating numerous data sources
  • Updating Crystal Reports objects to the new consolidated data source
  • Implementing SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • Designing universes to facilitate adoption of Web Intelligence for self-serve BI
  • Creating an inventory of all reports in the system to enable cleanup
  • Simplifying and codifying BI platform administration processes

Melbourne Water needed to simplify and automate administrative processes to ensure administrative resources would be able to handle ongoing tasks and new BI initiatives in a timely manner.
Recognizing that automation would be the key to meeting these challenges, Melbourne Water implemented APOS Administrator to address these challenges.

Melbourne Water - Customer Success


  • Bulk Object Administration
    Melbourne Water used APOS Administrator to reconfigure report data connections in bulk, automating repetitive work and reducing a 16-hour task to 15 minutes.
  • Simplified Object Promotion
    Melbourne Water used APOS Administrator’s object promotion capabilities to update objects smoothly, quickly and safely as they transitioned backend resources.
  • Pre-Migration Inventory
    Melbourne Water used APOS Administrator’s object management capabilities to prepare for migration by creating an inventory of reports and cleaning up their content.



Melbourne Water's Leo Kozhushnik told us:

"APOS Administrator was extremely easy to install and implement, and we were able to use it to save significant resource hours immediately… We are sure this product will help new resources quickly become adept at all of their day-to-day administrative tasks, to make ad hoc changes as required, and to take on new SAP BusinessObjects initiatives as they arise."

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