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APOS Web Intelligence Migrator Use Case – Telecom

Using APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence for
High-Volume UNV to UNX Conversion and Bulk WebI Repointing

A multinational telecommunications company and wireless carrier, one of the largest in the world, with revenues above $100 billion, was upgrading SAP BusinessObjects to BI 4.3, and eventually to BI 2025, and moving from Teradata to Snowflake Data Cloud. Because BI 2025 does not support UNV universes, the company had to convert their UNV universes to UNX, and repoint and validate their Web Intelligence reports.


APOS Web Intelligence Migrator Use Case - Telecom


  • Conversion of 160+ universes to UNX
  • Rationalization and repointing of 400,000+ Web Intelligence reports
  • Organization of business units into conversion and repointing projects


  • Manual Web Intelligence report repointing is time- and resource-intensive.
  • Manual repointing and testing are prone to human error
  • SAP conversion resources do not enable bulk upgrades

The move to Snowflake would be negatively impacted by failure to meet the requirements, and future SAP BusinessObjects upgrades would be in jeopardy. In addition, limited resources would be taxed by manual processes.

Solution: APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence

APOS Web Intelligence Migrator allowed this company to:

  • Rationalize and reduce the number of Web Intelligence reports to be migrated
  • Automate conversion of UNV universes to UNX universes
  • Repoint Web Intelligence reports to new UNX universes in bulk
  • Change universe settings on reports in bulk
  • Establish and maintained granular control over conversion and repointing processes


“Recognizing the scale of the conversion and repointing effort required to achieve their reporting and data management objectives, this customer deployed APOS Web Intelligence Migrator to achieve a highly controlled, project-based upgrade to UNX universes and Web Intelligence reports across multiple deployments.”
Cathy Ramsli, APOS Account Manager


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