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Customer Success – Jungheinrich – APOS Infoscheduler

APOS InfoScheduler in Intralogistics

Customer Profile — Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich AG integrates material handling and logistical processes, providing technical leadership and outstanding customer-oriented service to a growing list of clients in the material handling equipment, warehousing, and material flow engineering sectors. Today, Jungheinrich’s intralogistics brand is a top global brand.

Reporting is a critically important supply chain element for an intralogistics organization that optimizes material handling, warehousing, and material flow for its customers. Suppliers receive reports on expected inventory delivery timelines and locations. Field managers receive reports showing KPIs for equipment management and parts delivery. Jungheinrich has been using SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, BEx Broadcaster, and an internally developed application to email personalized weekly and monthly reports to approximately 400 suppliers and 4,000 technical employees.

Core Challenge

Jungheinrich needed to create greater efficiency in the high-volume generation and scheduling of timely and personalized Analysis for Office reports to a variety of suppliers and technical employees.

APOS Web Intelligence Migrator Use Case - Telecom


Jungheinrich needed to automate scheduling of SAP Analysis for Office monthly and weekly reports to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of internal technical staff.

  • Parameter Driven, Personalized Scheduling of SAP AO Reports
    Simplify bulk management of the parameters used to personalized and schedule SAP Analysis for Office reports.
  • Scheduling of Personalized SAP AO Reports to Suppliers & Technical Staff
    With nearly 500 supplier relationships to manage, and nearly 5,000 internal technical staff to keep informed, they needed to be able to schedule and send personalized, strategically timed SAP Analysis for Office reports.
  • Managed Software Updates
    Receive timely and reliable support and updates to the software solution, ensuring no downtime caused by updates to SAP solutions.


  • No means to simplify bulk management of the parameters used to personalized and schedule SAP Analysis for Office reports
  • No easy way to schedule and send personalized, strategically timed SAP Analysis for Office reports to 400+ suppliers 4,000+ internal technical employees
  • Supporting their internally developed scheduling solution to keep pace with a rapidly changing SAP solution landscape
  • Uncertain future for BEx Broadcaster

Jungheinrich – APOS InfoScheduler

APOS InfoScheduler provided

  • Simplified Scheduling
    They simplified many complexities in their report scheduling with the easy-to-use, Excel-based interface of APOS InfoScheduler.
  • Agile Scheduling
    They quickly and easily manage multiple data dependencies with APOS InfoScheduler, giving them agility in their scheduling of reports.
  • Bulk Scheduling
    They use APOS InfoScheduler to manage a large number of report schedules using a wide range of parameters.


“APOS InfoScheduler allowed us to simplify our SAP Analysis for Office report scheduling tasks and react with greater agility to new scheduling needs. We are now using it to send over 4,000 AO reports per month. It has completely replaced BEx Broadcaster for us.”
Anke Kasch, BI Consultant, Frontend, Jungheinrich AG


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