Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Right-Sizing Your SAP BusinessObjects Environment for Your Next Step

In a recent webinar, we discussed the steps organizations should take to prepare their SAP BusinessObjects environments for their next steps into the future of BI and Analytics. Here we present three videos based on that webinar’s content.

BI and Analytics professionals are looking ahead and planning their activities and steps for 2023. With the announcements of the Private Cloud Edition (PCE) and the continuation of on-premise BI with BI 2025, their options have increased dramatically, and they will be considering or reconsidering their path forward. As they consider their options, the logical first step is to ensure that their existing SAP BusinessObjects environment is ready for the challenges ahead.

Right-sizing the SAP BusinessObjects environment is important regardless of whether they are planning a platform upgrade, adopting SAP Analytics Cloud, moving to a hybrid BI deployment, upgrading to BI 4.3 (and beyond to BI 2025?), choosing the PCE path or making some other change or shift in their SAP BI deployment.


The first step in right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment is rationalization, which consists of determining what is and what is not necessary for effective and comprehensive fulfillment of your BI needs. System analysis with APOS Insight will allow you to understand how to rationalize:

  • Content
  • Users
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure


The second step in right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment is reducing, which consists of using the system analysis achieved in step 1 to remove unnecessary content. Removing reports, universes, and users manually using the Central Management Console is a labor – and time-intensive process. Watch the video to see how this process can be simplified.


The third step in right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment is restructuring, which consists of scaling down, or scaling up, depending on the findings of the system analysis performed in step 1 of the right-sizing effort. Watch the video to see how you can simplify this process.

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