Thursday, June 8, 2023

SAP Datasphere – Expanded Consumption – Power BI DirectQuery

SAP Analytics Cloud has native live connectivity to SAP Datasphere, but we have found that many organizations are looking for the same live connectivity to SAP Datasphere from alternative Analytics tools such as Power BI. APOS Live Data Gateway provides the ability to expand consumption of your Datasphere (Data Warehouse Cloud) and BW assets to Power BI through support for Power BI DirectQuery.

BTP Adoption Program Team expanded SAC broadcasting webinar

This DirectQuery support expands how organizations can leverage SAP Datasphere. Power BI DirectQuery connection support:

  • Provides quick access to SAP Datasphere data in Power BI
  • Eliminates data load wait times
  • Eliminates movement of data from SAP Datasphere
  • Provides fast and effective connectivity for large data sets

An additional benefit of APOS Live Data Gateway’s connectivity between SAP Datasphere and other Analytics applications such as Power BI is that Datasphere can also be a consumer of data from these alternate Analytics platforms. For organizations wishing to consolidate their Analytics over the long term, this expanded consumption can create a migration path to SAP Analytics Cloud.

For Power BI Server deployments, the Live Data Gateway Power BI Custom Connector is installed once on the Power BI Gateway Server.

Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway

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