Friday, May 7, 2021

SAP BI System Management –
Auditing, Monitoring, Query Surveillance, Report Testing

As your SAP BusinessObjects deployment grows in size and importance to your enterprise analytics, operations and governance, maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of that system becomes critical to administrators’ ability to meet service level agreements for users and stakeholders.

APOS Insight is specifically designed to provide the knowledge administrators need to maintain the peak efficiency, availability and accuracy of your SAP BI system. It provides the following services:

  • System Auditing – comprehensive knowledge of BI system content, utilization & security
  • System Monitoring – real-time operational tracking of the BI system, infrastructure and environment
  • BI Query Surveillance – real-time tracking and historical auditing of database queries
  • BI Report Testing – automated testing of BI report accuracy & performance

APOS Insight is a comprehensive solution that gives you the knowledge you need for effective and efficient SAP BI system management, including detailed system metadata for thorough system auditing, system monitoring, BI query surveillance, and BI report testing. It provides the means to maintain the integrity, efficiency and security of your SAP BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure.

System Auditing

APOS Insight’s system auditing capabilities use SAP BusinessObjects system metadata to create a history of your system’s use (and misuse), and changes made (when and by whom). This history is critical to:

  • Change management and impact analysis processes
  • Governance & compliance
  • System tuning & optimization
  • Technical debt reduction
  • Effective system planning
  • Streamlined upgrades & migrations

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System Monitoring

System monitoring provides real-time information on your SAP BI system, as well as alerts based on predefined thresholds, and enabling:

  • Real-time system availability
  • Real-time system controls
  • Automated system management

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BI Query Surveillance

A BI administrator’s responsibility does not end with meeting service level agreements and maintaining the system’s accuracy and integrity. The administrator must also manage system security and consider regulatory compliance. The APOS Insight BI query surveillance module enables:

  • Live query surveillance & governance
  • Sensitive data access reporting
  • BI query auditing & analysis
  • Query performance statistics & analysis

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BI Report Testing

Your SAP BusinessObjects system is in a state of constant flux, but for financial, governance and operational reasons, the system must continue to produce consistent results. The APOS Insight BI report testing module tests your SAP Web Intelligence, SAP Analysis Office, and SAP Crystal Reports against the same reports as they functioned prior to system changes, helping administrators achieve:

  • Change management assurance
  • Faster migration & upgrade timelines
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Reduced need for manual testing resources\

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