Wednesday, January 5, 2022

SAP Analytics Cloud – Pushing Content to Information Consumers

Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing with APOS Publisher for Cloud

The default distribution method for SAP Analytics Cloud is "pull." What this means is that users need to log in to SAP Analytics Cloud to see the content they need. This method works fine if all of the people to whom you need to provide information are active SAP Analytics Cloud users. However, as Analytics become more important to operations at all levels of the organization, and to partners outside the organization, supplying timely and useful information becomes more difficult and less assured.

A "push" methodology places your Analytics in the path of people who need it to perform their duties. This methodology takes into account where your information consumers are, when they need the information you are supplying, and what format best suits how they need to use that information.

Watch this video clip for more on the importance of pushing content out to information consumers with APOS Publisher for Cloud.

Note: this video clip is derived from our recent webinar, Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing for Countless Business Use Cases. You can watch this entire webinar on demand.


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