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APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Charity Organization

Using APOS Live Data Gateway to Connect to MS SSAS & SQL Server

Challenge: Extended, High-Performance Live Data Connectivity

A global, church-based, charity confederation working to alleviate hunger and poverty uses SAP Analytics Cloud to report on internal cost allocations to controllers, managers and directors. They needed to expand their analytics with access to SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) data located in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SSAS. They were looking for high-performance, live data connectivity that would give their reports rapid drill-down capabilities into line items.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case - Charitable Organization

Requirements: Extended SAP Analytics Cloud Live Data Connectivity

  • High-Performance Live Data Connectivity to Non-SAP Data Assets
    High-performance live connectivity was required for real-time reporting on financial information located in non-SAP data assets.
  • Simplified Reporting on Internal Cost Allocations
    In order to simplify creation of SAP Analytics Cloud stories for distribution to controllers, managers and directors, they needed to create views on their non-SAP data assets.
  • Drill-Down into SAP FICO Data
    To allow real-time access to detailed financial information for their controllers, managers and directors they needed the ability to drill down rapidly into financial line items in SAP FICO.
  • SSO Integration
    They needed Single Sign-On capabilities to exercise governance over enterprise data workflows.
  • Ease of deployment
    The solution needed quick and safe implementation to provide secure access to data assets and quick time to value.

Solution: APOS Live Data Gateway – Performant Live Data Connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud & non-SAP Data Sources

The company selected APOS Live Data Gateway to implement live data connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SSAS, yielding high-performance data connectivity with SAP Analytics Cloud. APOS worked with a partner consulting firm in to deploy Live Data Gateway and simplify data connectivity to their non-SAP data assets. Analysts and business users build APOS views in the Live Data Gateway web interface against these non-SAP data assets and use those views to build SAP Analytics Cloud stories, fulfilling the needs for self-service modelling and analytics.


“Our proof of concept for this agency demonstrated high-performance data connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to their mission-critical, non-SAP data assets. APOS Live Data Gateway’s self-service data modelling capabilities allowed them to create the views on these data assets to ensure all reports reflected a single version of the truth. Hierarchies created in these views allow information consumers to drill down into the OLAP cubes for additional information. The customer was impressed with the product’s ease of implementation, and well pleased with the service from the APOS support team.”
Fred Walther, Senior Solution Consultant, APOS


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