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Optimize and Revitalize with APOS Solutions for SAP Analytics — On-Demand Webinars

There have been many great developments in APOS technology this year, and we have kept our customers up to date on these developments through our frequent webinars. I would like to remind you that all of these webinars remain available on demand.
Whether you are advancing on your SAP Analytics Cloud journey, or revitalizing your SAP BusinessObjects deployment and committing to its future in BI 4.3 and BI 2025, there are on-demand webinars to help you see what’s possible and give you perspective on your plans.

SAP Analytics Cloud Webinars

APOS technology helps you advance on your SAP Analytics Cloud journey in two ways.


APOS Data Gateway  is our SAP Analytics Cloud connectivity solution:

  • Add live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and non-SAP data sources to build a more comprehensive analytics that includes all of your enterprise data with Live Data Gateway.
  • Develop expanded and simplified options to import data into SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning with Import Data Gateway.
  • Extract data on a schedule to various destinations for regulatory requirements and other needs with Export Data Gateway

View the Extend Analytics Data Connectivity webinar series on demand.

Preview webinar content on Expanded Connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud

Report Broadcasting

APOS Publisher for Cloud is our SAP Analytics Cloud (and BEx replacement / Analysis for Office) report broadcasting solution:

  • Data-driven dynamic broadcasting
  • Multiple format and destination options
  • Consolidation of multiple reports
  • Custom scheduling
  • SAP BW & Datasphere user-based broadcasting
  • High availability with distributed processing
  • Security & administration
  • New scheduling Web UI
  • Support for broadcasting Analysis for Office content

View the Extend Analytics Content with Broadcasting & Publishing webinar series on demand.

Preview content for Automated SAP Analytics Cloud Report Broadcasting

SAP BusinessObjects Webinars

APOS has been providing solutions to assist SAP BusinessObjects administrators and planners for over 25 years, and our people know a thing or two about upgrading efficiently and successfully.


APOS SAP BusinessObjects products help you with:

  • Change management
  • Performance analysis
  • Usage analysis
  • Automated testing
  • Query management & governance
  • Impact analysis

View the Flashes of Insight webinar series on demand.

Preview content for Right-Sizing your SAP BusinessObjects Environment


APOS SAP BusinessObjects products help you with:

  • Pre-migration planning
  • Migration execution
  • Post-migration validation & optimization
  • Automating you upgrade to UNX universes
  • Streamlining & right-sizing

View the Simplify SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade webinar series on demand.

Preview content for On the Roadmap Again: Regrouping for your SAP BusinessObjects Future.

APOS Customer Success

Our webinars tell you how to be successful in your quest to optimize SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects. We will let our customers tell you how our products worked for them.

View Customer Success Stories


Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway

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