Thursday, November 24, 2022

Futurum Webcast – Making the Most of Data in Your Analytics

APOS Chief Operating Officer Allan Pym joined Futurum Principal Analyst Shelly Kramer in a recent Futurum Tech Webcast to discuss the role of APOS Live Data Gateway in giving your Analytics users live access to all of the data they need to provide for making well informed decisions.

Futurum Webcast - APOS Live Data Gateway

The questions you need to ask about your Analytics:

  • How many internal and external data assets do you need to reference for a complete analytical picture of your organization?
  • How current must the information from those data assets be for that picture to be accurate?
  • Do all of your analysts and users have access to the same data in the same state?

These questions are important, because your organization’s decision-making capabilities depend on all of your analysts, executives, sales staff and operational managers working from the same set of facts – a single, unified version of the truth.

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