Monday, December 8, 2014

APOS Storage Center Now Includes LCMBIAR Backup & Selective Restore Capabilities

The latest update to APOS Storage Center for SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 includes some great new features and improvements.

For example, you can now use the familiar SAP LCMBIAR file technology to back up your standard, system and application objects. You also have the option to include object level security in your LCMBIAR backups. However, unlike the standard SAP LCMBIAR method, the APOS Storage Center LCMBIAR backup method allows you to restore objects selectively. It also overcomes any volume limitations you may have experienced in LCMBIAR backup and restore operations.

The latest version of APOS Storage Center also includes:
  • Backup and restore of other information object types such as Xcelsius, Office Documents, Infospaces
  • Archive/backup and restore of instances using LCMBIAR method
  • Ability to restore original creation date and original update date for instances
  • Rollback for any backup that uses the LCMBIAR method

Talk to your account manager to find out how you can benefit from these new APOS Storage Center features.

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