Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Automating & Expanding Report Testing

Testing your SAP BusinessObjects reports at the end of the upgrade process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the APOS Validation Manager solution makes testing manageable through automation.

Validation Manager presents a project-based, highly controlled environment for testing reports. From the main screen, you can log in to your source BI system, search for report objects, add the report objects to a project, set the target BI system connection information, and import the files into your project.

You can simplify the import operation by using other APOS solutions such as APOS Insightor the InfoScheduleror Instance Managermodules of the APOS Administratorsolution, or you can import by specifying schedules or from existing instances.

Because the Validation Manager handles a substantial chunk of the most labor-, time-, and cost-intensive activities, it allows you to enlarge your sampling of reports and instances while liberating resources to perform higher-ROI activities.

Validation Manager also simplifies regression testing, the process by which you ensure that a report functions in the same way now that it did before changes were made to the report, its connections, or the underlying data source. Determining that the results delivered by the report remain unchanged is especially important for reports that act as controls for purposes of regulatory compliance.

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